Consider A Family Office Instead

Unfortunately, hiring a wealth management firm often translates into getting help deciding which insurance or investment products to purchase. If this is all you want, then that’s great.

However, if what you really want is UNBIASED ADVICE™ on how best to manage your finances, plan for retirement, deal with debt, manage private equity or anything non-equity based, you’ll likely struggle to find help that’s not motivated by a product sale.

It’s unfortunate, but the majority of wealth managers only get paid when they sell you products or manage your assets. As a result , everything they do needs to result in some sale. It’s not the advisor’s fault, it’s simply the way the industry works.

We think this is completely contrary to common sense.

It makes it extremely challenging for families with large and complex estates to get the help they need to manage their increasingly complicated affairs, as not every objective is associated with a new financial product.

A Family Office is Different.
There are no products to sell. The only focus is on you and your family’s needs. It’s unbiased and objective.

Imagine, someone helping you wade through all the details of your net worth. Imagine someone listening to your concerns, goals and dreams and then helping you make plans. Imagine¬†them helping you to implement and administer your plans as well as track your progress and re-evaluate as your situation and goals change. Wouldn’t that be a welcome change?

Expert Advice, Guidance and Support
What a radical concept. With a Family Office, you’ll likely experience an alien sensation of being understood and helped. Then you’ll experience a sense of confidence, freedom and control you might be unaccustomed to. But don’t be alarmed, you’ll get used to not being sold, it just takes time.

Is A Family Office For You?
If your income exceeds $750,000 per year or your net worth exceeds ten million, then consider a Family Office over a wealth management firm.

Next Steps
If you’re intrigued, we invite you to take a few minutes and explore this website. We’ve prepared several resources to help you understand what a Family Office is and how you can benefit from one.

We invite you to view our 2 minute intro video for an overview.
We’ve prepared a downloadable white paper as well.
There’s also a 12 minute presentation with a lot more detail.
There’s a self-evaluation survey to complete as well as a summary brochure to share with your spouse or accountant.

If you’d rather just contact us, we’d be happy to meet with you and see if we’re a fit.
Thanks for considering Unbiased Financial Services, we look forward to speaking with you.


Service Guarantee

What can we give you
that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.


What can we give you
that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.

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