What Our Clients Say

“I have valued the competency, patience, diligence, incredible efficiency and strong sense of caring about my finances. It’s as if they were your own, which has resulted in (me) trusting completely your recommendations… I have never dealt with a more competent, knowledgeable, caring company.”

– Dr. Adele W

“Sincere, thoughtful, selfless and personal service with the goal of not only providing expert financial (planning), but of educating the client so that he/she is fully aware of where his/her portfolio is at any given time. How fortunate I am to be associated with such a dedicated team of brilliant financial advisors. (We trust) their professional experience and personal loyalties in guiding me and my family’s financial future. Well done!”

– Debbie B.

“My service is based on my specific needs at that specific time. (It’s) always based on my overall financial goals which are reviewed on a regular basis. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the service. I especially liked having someone accompany me to important meetings at banks and other financial meetings. I anticipate a long and successful relationship with Unbiased Financial Services.”

– Dr. Orest P.

I was totally over weighted in oil and gas equities, as many Calgarians are. I pretty well had everything in one basket. If I still had that proportion of equities when oil and gas (prices) dropped, I would have had a massive reduction in my net worth. As it turned out…I have been much better suited to weather the present storm.

At first, I was nervous…(but) as I became more confident in the process and the ability of John, I became more relaxed. I knew I had a game plan and I had not lost control. In fact, I actually had control now.

They were able to truly offer unbiased advice – not a sales pitch for products. Organization of my assets, planning, advice, education, insurance review, asset protection and a plan/strategy for the future is what I get. They looked at my estate planning and gave me a complete overview of my finances and developed a plan to get me to my next financial goal.

I needed help and I got exactly what was required. I would highly recommend Unbiased Financial.

– Bill F.