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Having a high income or a significant net worth does not necessarily mean you’re prepared for retirement.

For many risk taking investors, entrepreneurs and executives the prospect of retirement can represent a much bigger lifestyle change than they are prepared for. Your investment risk profile might be way too high, your asset allocation off-track, your lifestyle spending might not be sustainable in retirement or your assets might not be liquid. There are far more factors to consider than you might expect and certainly more than an insurance policy or an investment product can address.

If you’re starting to wonder if you’re on track, it’s time to get some Unbiased Advice™ that’s not motivated by product sales.

Unbiased Financial Services does not sell any financial products. Our role is to aid you through your financial planning and net worth administration process as efficiently, painlessly and effectively as possible.

If your income exceeds $500,000 per year or your net worth is in excess of five million dollars, then Calgary’s Family Office becomes a cost effective option to consider.

The Next Steps
If you have 20 minutes, start by learning your Retireability Score using our free online assessment tool. It will offer you a balanced initial assessment of your retirement readiness. We’ll follow-up with you and share a detailed (approximately 40 page) report summarizing what you shared and offering guidance on what to do next.

If you believe we are a fit for your needs, we have a detailed retirement readiness program we can lead you through. We realize that everyone is unique and we never assume a one-size fits all approach. Our role is to understand you and to help you prepare in whatever manner is necessary.

Call 877.887.1936 or Contact Us to speak with us.

We’ll listen and give you an honest assessment of whether we’re a fit for you and your family.


Service Guarantee

What can a fee-only Net Worth Advisor give
you that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.


What can a fee-only Net Worth Advisor give
you that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.

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