• What do I bring to our initial meeting?


    Your spouse or partner, if applicable, and an open mind.

    Many people find that completing our survey before the meeting helps them prepare. Other people find that watching our How To presentation or reading our white paper helps them prepare as well.

    None of these are necessary, but if you have time, being prepared will help accelerate your process.

  • If I am comfortable with my current managers, why would I switch?


    In many cases we do not replace existing providers. Our role is quite unique and typically not handled by any of your current providers. We often work quite closely with your provider network as we move forward with you.

  • Will I be paying my investment manager and you?


    Your investment manager focuses specifically on your market holdings. We help you direct your entire net worth. Our roles are entirely different.

    Many of our clients find the addition of a family office provider results in a reduction of their investment costs. We often save enough money to offset the majority of our fees.

  • How do your services differ from my stockbroker’s?


    Your broker is responsible for managing your investment portfolio. We help you manage your net worth. Our roles are completely different.

    Please watch our intro video on our “Home” page, read our whitepaper or watch our “How To” Video on our “How It Works” page for more details.

  • How many clients do you maintain?


    We serve no more than 50 client families at any time.

  • Who are your typical clients?


    Generally speaking, we work with families with large and complex financial situations.

    We work with high net worth individuals and families, widows and heirs to wealth.

    Our service begins to make sense when you have a net worth of at least $10 million or are earning at least $750,000 per year.

  • Do you offer a guarantee?


    We offer a money back guarantee on introductory services within 30 days of project completion.

    We also encourage you to apply the fees paid towards our introductory services to your annual family office service contract within 90 day of project completion.