Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to our initial meeting?2020-08-28T18:58:16+00:00

Your spouse or partner, if applicable, and an open mind. Some people find reading our whitepaper helps them prepare for our meeting. However, it’s not necessary.

If I am comfortable with my current managers, why would I switch?2020-08-28T18:58:43+00:00

In many cases, we do not replace existing providers. Our role is unique enough where we don’t overlap. We often work quite closely with your existing provider network.

Do you provide investment management services?2020-09-15T17:36:35+00:00

Unbiased Portfolio Management Inc. provides discretionary investment management to high net worth clients of Unbiased Financial Services Inc. This is not a requirement to be part of our Family Office service.

How many clients do you maintain?2020-08-28T18:59:36+00:00

We serve no more than 50 client families at any time.

Who are your typical clients?2020-08-28T19:00:02+00:00

We primarily work with high and ultra-high net worth families. However, we also work with younger, high-income professionals, and the children and grandchildren of clients.

Do you offer a guarantee?2020-08-28T19:00:32+00:00

We offer a money-back guarantee on introductory services within 30 days of project completion.

We also encourage you to apply the fees paid for our introductory services towards your annual family office service contract, within 90 day of project completion.

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