A Team Of Experts, Focused On Your Needs

Many families believe they have a team of financial experts working on their behalf, whereas in most cases what they have are individual experts working on transactions and specific tasks, out of context with your overall needs.

The experts don’t coordinate with each other or rationalize decisions against a master plan. Your overall needs and goals are replaced with following compliance rules or following best practices for the task at hand.

In short, it’s rarely about you and your needs. It’s about selling products, staying compliant and doing a good job with whatever task or role the professional is working on.

This is not about your professionals not doing their jobs well, it is simply a function of the way the financial industry operates. This industry is not setup to serve your overall needs and goals. That responsibility is left with you.

In theory it makes sense for you to look after your family’s wealth. However in practice it is next to impossible to accomplish on your own. There is simply too much to know and do, to expect to do it well without a huge time commitment.

A Family Office is Different.

In a Family Office, the emphasis is on you and your family’s needs.

In simplest terms, the goal is to assist you to strategically direct and manage your net worth, without becoming an expert yourself and without needing to handle everything on your own.

Let’s face it. You already have people working on tasks, products and compliance issues.

You need help pulling all the threads together into a consolidated whole.

You likely need help making sense of what you have in place now. You need help uncovering deficiencies, inefficiencies and gaps in your program. You need help evaluating and prioritizing opportunities and next steps. You need help guiding and directing your experts to best effect and cost efficiency. You need UNBIASED ADVICE™.

Now that you have a bunch of experts working for you, the logical next step is to hire a Family Office to get those experts rowing in the same direction, to make them a team. Unbiased Financial Services assumes this role.

We’re not taking over for you. What we’re doing is all the heavy lifting to give you the control you always wanted, without all the hassle


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We stand behind our services
with a comprehensive guarantee.


We stand behind our services
with a comprehensive guarantee.

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