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If you’re concerned about getting your estate in order, but you don’t want it to be products, we understand.
What you really want is UNBIASED ADVICE™ on how best to proceed, right?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what role you’re playing in the estate planning process, it’s not the most enjoyable thing to have to deal with. It can be tedious, frustrating, complicated and confusing. Once you get your family involved and it gets even more interesting.

Let us help you wade through the details and make a plan that makes sense to you and your heirs. Then you need someone to help you explain everything, help get your plan implemented, and then help with ongoing administration.

None of this work should be predicated on the expectation of a product sale.

Unbiased Financial Services does not sell any financial products. Our only role is to aid you and your family through the estate planning process as efficiently, painlessly, amicably and as tax effectively as possible.

If your estate is in excess of ten million dollars, then Calgary’s Family Office becomes a cost effective option to consider. If your estate involves multiple jurisdictions, has an operating company involved, or any other significant complication we might be a fit as well.

The Next Steps

Call 877.887.1936 or Contact Us to speak with us.

We’ll listen and give you an honest assessment of whether we’re a fit for you and your family.

We also offer an Estate Simulation service that looks at your current estate plan and shows you what would happen if you were to die today.

It’s a real eye-opener and can be a sobering wake-up call to action. Learn More about this provocative and insightful service.


Service Guarantee

What can we give you
that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.


What can we give you
that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.

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