With Calgary's Family Office

If you’re putting too much emphasis on your investment portfolio, your business or any other aspect of your net worth, you can easily get out of balance.

It’s easy to focus on what you know and like, versus what you’d rather avoid.
A family office will get your net worth in shape and back on track by helping you manage everything, as if it were all important… because it is.

We’ll help you balance every aspect of your net worth including private equity, real estate, debt, cash flows, retirement planning, continuity planning, estate planning, risk management, taxes, equities, aggregated reporting and much more.

No, It Won’t Be a Nightmare on Bay Street
Our role is to make your experience as painless and empowering as possible.

Already On Top Of Everything?
Want a second opinion? We’ve yet to encounter anyone without significant gaps in their planning; who’s not paying excess fees, have unresolved matters, out-of-date wills and non-aggregated reporting. And there are usually a lot more unresolved matters than people realize. Often the larger and more complex the estate, the more in need it is.

If you’re net worth is in excess of $5 million or your annual income is $500k or more, it’s difficult to keep everything in balance because you’re the only one managing the big picture…until now.

Get Calgary’s Family Office on Your Team
Let Unbiased Financial Services get you back on track and in complete control over your net worth.

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Service Guarantee

What can we give you
that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.


What can we give you
that you are not getting elsewhere?
Peace of mind.

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